Is it possible to be grateful for what we have, and yet still feel called to desire more in our lives? Aren’t the desires of our heart just as valid, even if we have a loving spouse, a stable home, and maybe even a child or two?

God has designed us to constantly yearn for more – it’s His will for us to answer his call when he has planted a seed in our hearts. Many adoptive parents wonder if it really is in God’s plan to welcome an additional child into their home. Many adoptive mothers feel guilt about wanting more than what God has already provided. You have your health, your career, your friends and family – and yet, something is still missing. In your heart, you know there is a child out there who is meant to be YOUR child. This need and desire is just as real as anything you could physically hold in your hand.

Yes, I believe there is a reason God puts this desire in our hearts. For example, He has designed His relationship with us to constantly want more. He doesn’t just want us to feel satisfied in our relationship with Him, but He wants us to grow, and learn, and become closer to Him. Just as in a new romance, when we first met our spouse and just couldn’t get enough time with the each other, God wants us to be that in love with him. It is possible to be completely grateful for the blessings in your life, and still want more. It is valid to be at peace with what God has provided, and still feel called to bring a baby into your family. Some women are called to be mothers through adoption – and it is up to us to take action steps to fulfill that calling.

As we go through each day, sharing His love with others, there are few ways to touch people for a lifetime. Adopting a child into our lives, our hearts, and His heavenly kingdom is actively changing a life for our lifetime and for eternity.

His plans may not be for you to adopt, but rather your actions may still fulfill His plans for a child. He may need you as an instrument to affect the lives of others.

What are you doing today and this week to move closer to God’s calling in your life? Spend some quiet time in prayer and listen for that gentle (or sometimes not so gentle) discernment. Continue your research, develop your plan for your adoption, and take the baby steps needed toward fulfilling your calling to adopt.