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Here are some commonly asked questions about the services Lifetime Adoption provides to Christian families:

When and why was Lifetime Adoption established?

Founded in 1986 by Mardie Caldwell, a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner and adoptive parent, Lifetime Christian Adoption aims to support both adoptive families and birth parents in the open adoption process by providing education, guidance, support, networking, and adoption plan assistance.

What children are available for adoption through Lifetime?

Most of our adoptions are of newborns, however, we also have toddlers, sibling groups, and older children. Our diverse pool includes children of various racial backgrounds from different states.

Is there a waiting list, and how long is the average wait time?

Lifetime Christian Adoption operates without a waiting list. Upon contract and profile submission, families are promptly presented to birth mothers. Matches can occur as quickly as 24 hours or take a few months to two years, depending on various factors.

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Can adoptive families select the gender of the child?

While Lifetime does consider families requesting a specific gender, it is important to note that birth mothers often react negatively to such preferences, expressing sentiments like, “If the family were fortunate enough to have a biological child, they wouldn’t get to choose the gender.” It is our collective goal to ensure that birth mothers do not feel rejected due to the child’s gender not aligning with certain preferences.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that many birth mothers are unaware of the baby’s gender, and even sonograms can be fallible. Therefore, we encourage families with a preference for a particular gender to reconsider their stance. If, however, an adoptive family insists on maintaining a gender preference, Lifetime is willing to accommodate this request. It is imperative that all parties involved fully understand that if the family is not matched within the contracted period, Lifetime assumes no responsibility for this inherent risk.

Additionally, families opting for a specific gender may be subject to an added fee. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in navigating this aspect of the adoption process.

Do you ever have twins?

Yes, in the case of multiple births, Lifetime Adoption fees cover one infant or one sibling group per two-year contract.

What does bi-racial or mixed race mean?

Bi-racial usually refers to African American/Caucasian children, while mixed-race may involve two or more racial backgrounds, potentially including African-American heritage. Many birth mothers seek adoptive families for bi-racial children.

How do birth mothers and birth fathers find you?

We attract birth mothers and fathers from various states through advertising, networking, and online presence. Due to our outreach efforts, referrals also come from personal recommendations, hospitals, physicians, pregnancy centers, and counselors.

Who is eligible to adopt?

A loving family that can provide a healthy, stable life can adopt. The adoptive family will need a Home Study which will include background and financial checks.

While single parent women are considered, married families are primarily served. Our screening process ensures a high success rate, with fewer restrictions on the region of residence.

Are there age requirements for adoptive parents?

Adoptive parents must be at least twenty-one years old.

Can families with other children apply?

At times, we’ve observed that families with a substantial number of children might experience a longer wait time before being selected. Our dedicated review committee will carefully assess your application and communicate whether we can provide assistance through our newborn program. Quality homes are consistently sought for our older children and bi-racial children, irrespective of whether there are existing children in the household.

Transparency is a key aspect of our approach with prospective families. If we believe that your compatibility with our program may be a challenge, we won’t proceed with accepting your application and fees. It’s important to note that the criteria for matching are typically determined by the birth mother, birth parents, or other unique circumstances.

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What about the baby’s health?

Lifetime Christian Adoption asks for medical releases and health information, and we ensure to share all the documentation received from the doctor with you. Furthermore, it’s common for many hospitals to conduct a routine toxicology screen on newborns. This screen provides information on recent drug use by the birth mother.

As part of our commitment to the well-being of all parties involved, Lifetime Adoption will evaluate the birth parents’ willingness to undergo testing for drugs, HIV, and/or sexually transmitted diseases before the birth whenever feasible. We believe in transparency and open communication throughout the adoption process.

Is a home study required and how long does it take?

Yes, a home study is necessary, and Lifetime Christian Adoption can recommend organizations or direct families to obtain one. A home study generally takes two to three months. Submitting all paperwork in a timely manner and scheduling your home visits will help speed up the process.

What is open adoption?

Open adoption involves varying degrees of communication between birth parents, adoptive families, and children. Contact can range from occasional updates and sharing of pictures to shared social media and visits.

Lifetime Christian Adoption encourages openness, allowing parties to choose their comfort level.

Can we reach you after hours and on the weekends?

Lifetime provides multiple contact options, including cell phones, email, 24-hour answering service, and secure fax. We are available on weekends, holidays, and emergencies.

How soon can we receive the baby after adoption?

For newborns, it typically takes 24 hours to three days before adoptive families can bring the baby home directly from the hospital.

When do we go to court?

Adoptive families go to court with their adoption attorney after birth parents transfer legal rights, following state-specific requirements.

What about confidentiality?

Lifetime Christian Adoption shares non-identifying information with birth parents. Adoptive families can choose the level of information disclosed, and certain details, such as income, remain confidential.

What is needed to get started?

To begin the adoption process, complete the online adoption application, undergo review, schedule a phone conference, and return the contract and required fees. Lifetime guides families from start to finalization.

What happens if the birth mother changes her mind?

In case of a reclaim, adoptive families are reactivated without additional fees, supporting the goal of building families through adoption.

Is it possible for a birth father to assert parental rights after the adoption is finalized?

We have reliable attorneys that we network with in most states.  Once we begin our contract process with you we will provide Each state has its own laws regarding a birth father’s parental rights. Most states have registries and paperwork that must be completed by the birth father to retain his rights. As every adoption is unique your coordinator and attorney will address this issue on an individual basis.

Once the adoption is successfully completed, the birth father is legally precluded from claiming parental rights to the child.

How do we find an attorney or agency?

Lifetime Christian Adoption networks with reliable attorneys in most states, providing families with a list during the contract process.

If you did not see your question above, please contact us to get an answer.

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