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A Letter from John & Chaz

Hi! We would love to grow our family and share an open adoption with you as your child grows up. Our family dynamic is a little unique—we have a blended family, with 2 grown children and 2 at home. Having 4 children between us, we have a lot of experience as parents! We love raising a family together and try to create a close-knit, fun-loving household for our children to grow up in. We’re energetic and love to travel, learn new things, and have fun with our kids.

Adoption has been on our hearts for a while and we’d be so excited to welcome your child. We’re already a mixed race family (our grown sons are biracial and one side of John’s family is Hispanic!) and we’d be blessed to adopt a boy or girl of any racial background. We hope to get to know you

Our Story

We met at the while I (Chaz) was working as a waitress. John was a customer in the restaurant and we struck up a conversation. We became best friends.  The first time we went camping together, while we were still dating, we sat in an open field and watched the sky because we both love the stars. Chaz saw her first shooting star that night. Right then, she knew she was going to marry John someday.

We eventually married and it’s been a life full of fun, love, and adventure ever since. We love spending time together, and live life to the fullest.

As a family, we enjoy:

  • Hanging out with friends & family
  • Watching movies
  • Playing tennis
  • Going swimming
  • Taking walks together
  • Ice cream!

Meet John (written by Chaz)

John is gentle and kind. He’s great with kids and animals. Working from home allows him to spend lots of time with our family. He’s a wonderful father and husband. John is dependable, honest, and trustworthy. He’s got a great sense of humor and loves cracking silly jokes. His favorite thing to do is to sing and play the guitar. When he’s not working, he enjoys play wrestling with the kids and cooking delicious meals. Everyone loves his gourmet quesadillas. During family movie nights, he pops us a giant bowl of popcorn the old fashion way on the stovetop. It tastes so good!

Favorite toy to play with kids: Legos

Favorite thing to teach: Drawing

Special ninja skill: Movie quotes & song lyrics

Meet Chaz (written by John)

Chaz is a fun mom who loves every part of being a mother. She’s a wonderful wife and mother who is full of energy. Chaz is adventurous and is always looking for new things to do and places to explore.  She laughs often and does her best to make everyone feel loved and happy. She devotes herself to her family all year long, but really goes all out to make every holiday feel special. She loves making special birthday cakes for the kids.

Chaz is passionate about giving our children the best possible education and is excited to teach our next child the joy of reading. She enjoys working in the garden to grow her own organic food. Chaz cooks healthy meals for our family. While cooking, she keeps music playing and enjoys dancing with the kids! She is looking forward to teaching your child to cook too. She loves seeing her kids thrive and will make sure they have the opportunity to do whatever makes their heart happy. Most importantly, she’s excited to teach another little one to love Jesus.

Our Home in Virginia

Our spacious, 4 bedroom home is in a safe, quiet neighborhood, but still close to everything. We enjoy having our huge, extended family over often. We live 15 minutes away from Chaz’s parents, so they visit regularly. In the evenings, we enjoy our outdoor firepit and help the kids roast smores. Our home the feeling of comfort and peace every time we walk through its doors.

We have over an acre of land with woods and a shallow creek in our backyard. Our front yard has an awesome hill for sledding. It’s a great place for kids to grow up!


Our pets keep us busy and entertained too! We have a cat named Charm, who loves attention. Our dog Mavis is small and playful. She adores children. We have a sweet little lop bunny named Leo and have chickens who give us fresh eggs.


Our Family

When we met, Chaz had 2 sons from a previous marriage, who are now grown and starting their own families. We stay close and enjoy any time we get to see them. Our younger 2, Lucas and Sadie, are excited about having a little sibling at home. Any child who joins our family will have the best big brothers and sister!

John’s family lives all over the United States, so it gives us the opportunity to travel across the country. Chaz has a large, close-knit family and we get together often. Going on vacations together is so fun! We spend all the holidays together. We have pool parties every 4th of July, Pumpkin Painting parties around Halloween, and family Gingerbread House parties during Christmas. There are lots of cousins to play with too! Going to church with Chaz’s parents and eating brunch together is one of our favorite weekly traditions

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide your child with a safe, stable home, and to love them always. We will teach them about God and provide them with a good education, so they have every opportunity to reach their full potential. We look forward to teaching them how to ride a bike, catch a ball, and to swim. We will laugh and be silly together and give them lots of cuddles and attention. Adoption runs throughout our families in many ways, so you’ll always be spoken of with respect and love. We are open to visits, calls, or texts.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About John & Chaz

  John Chaz
Our EducationAssociate's Equivalent in Graphic DesignBachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership
Our ProfessionsOffice ManagerDirector of Human Resources
Stay-At-HomePart-time. I work from home.Part-time. I work part-time from home.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian/HispanicCaucasian
Some of John & Chaz's Favorites
MovieAce Ventura Pet DetectiveElf
SeasonSummerSummer for sure!
Type of FoodAll. I just like to eat out.Seafood
CoastWest CoastEast Coast
Vacation SpotBeach at Hilton Head, SCBeach at Outerbanks, NC
TV ShowThe OfficeThe Office
Place to ShopLowes Amazon
More About Our Family
Our Interests

We like to watch good shows on TV, especially enjoy comedies. We play tennis as a family. Hanging out at the pool, or staying home playing cards or board games is fun and it's even better when family comes over.

Gazing up at the stars together on warm summer nights is amazing. Whenever we go on trips, we always make it a point to go outside after dark and look at the sky. The first time we did this together, we were still dating and Chaz saw her first shooting star. Right then, she knew she was going to marry John someday.

Our Faith

Our faith in God is strong. In fact, faith is what led us to this adoption journey.

We belong to a large church that has an awesome kids’ program. The Bible is a big part of our lives. We know it, read it and live it out as best we can. One of our favorite verses is Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.”

Our Musical Interest

Chaz prefers happy music. Some of her favorite artists are Bob Marley, Norah Jones, Erika Badu, India Arie. Lately she’s been getting into bluegrass-inspired music like Mumford and Sons. We do a lot of dance parties in the kitchen to Pharrell William’s “Happy” or Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Chaz also likes classical music and plays it in the house often.

John loves good music. He taught himself to play the guitar and he can listen to a song and figure out how to play it. His all-time favorite band is probably the Beatles. His whole family loves them. He just learned a Red-Hot Chili Peppers song, so he’s been playing that a lot lately. He loves so many kinds of music and if you get him started talking about it, he’ll go on forever!

We both love Jack Johnson and Ben Harper.

About Our Home

We have remodeled most everything in our home and made it our own. This really gives us the feeling of home, comfort, and peace every time we walk through our doors. There’s plenty of space for everyone and it never feels cluttered.
In our home, we treat each other with kindness and respect. We say grace before dinner, and bedtime prayers together at night. We love one another and enjoy welcoming others to our home. Having big family gatherings in our home is tons of fun!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years





Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest up to 6 years old

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. For us, adoption is all about love. We promise to love your child unconditionally and we will support you throughout the process and beyond. One of our favorite things in life is teaching our children. We make it our priority to equip our kids to lead their best lives, support them every step of the way, and to be there for them as they grow. We promise to provide your child with an amazing life full of support, adventure, and family.

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