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A Letter from Caleb & Jessica

Hello from Virginia! We are a family of three that God has led to adoption! We are so excited to grow our family and get to know you! We promise to give your child a loving home filled with adventure and laughter. Jess is a stay at home mom and Caleb is a project manager. We are a stable family that values authentic relationships, quality time together, and new experiences. We look forward to teaching your child about life, business, and God’s love alongside their brother, Aaris! We will share with them our love for hiking, cooking, games, business, healthy living, and so much more. Your child will be loved and encouraged to pursue their dreams!

About Us

We met 12 years ago at high school and became sweethearts! We have been married for 9 years now. In 2019 we were blessed with our son, Aaris. He is a sweet, smiley boy, who will be a great brother! We have two border collies, Penny and Arlo, who absolutely adore children and love to play and go for hikes with us.

We enjoy our work and love spending time together outdoors. Every day we strive to create lasting memories with family. We are always seeking out our next adventure- be it in our yard or beyond! And even though we have high goals, what we love most about life is doing simple things- anything in nature, cookouts, backyard games, movie nights, or afternoons in the pool. We look forward to sharing these moments with your child and are excited to build a lifetime of memories together!

About Caleb

If I had just one word to describe my husband I would say hands down it’d be “infectious!” He has an infectious smile that can lighten up any mood and is able to relax those around him with ease. I love that about him. He is playful and super funny! Not just a silly funny, but truly he is witty and hilarious! He is great at working with his hands and he has a strong heart. He spends free time practicings archery in our backyard, hunting, and playing drums or building projects for the house. He looks forward to sharing his passions and teaching with his children! Caleb’s faith is evident in how he treats others around him and loves his son. I’m overjoyed thinking of how he’ll teach our children everything he knows and loves about life!


About Jessica

Jessica is the epitome of self-determination! She is great at cooking and loves to teach others. She is always teaching our nieces and nephews how to cook when they visit. Last summer they made fresh blueberry applesauce! She is so excited to teach our children how to eat healthy and cook as well! Jess is sweet and is a God-loving woman who always quick to help those in need. She is a small spitfire who is athletic and very competitive when it comes to games while still being able to laugh if she loses! During her free time she will grab a soccer ball and coax the family to join in a backyard game! Right now, she loves playing with Aaris and planning family activities or outings. She’s a wonderful mother and very intuitive to her child’s needs and feelings. Jess loves the outdoors and tries every spare moment to get outside!  The best part of my day is coming home and seeing her with our son cooking, snuggling on the couch, or on some adventure trail in the backyard!

Our Family

Our families are Christians in faith and both incredibly supportive of our adoption journey! Each side of the family has adoption stories of their own. We are blessed to come from large families that live close by as well across the country! Every time we visit it’s always a good time. Once a year we visit Jessica’s parent’s beach house and it is crazy, fun, and full of laughter! Caleb’s family hosts a huge family reunion every three years and you can count on great memories to be made! We both have sisters and brothers similar in age to us who have kids ranging from newborn to 13 years old. Everyone is excited to welcome your child to the family!

Our home in Virginia

Our home sits on 3 acres of land with a little creek in the woods. Almost all of our neighbors have horses and rolled hay bails surround our landscape with mountain views. Our home is in a cute, small-town neighborhood with many year-round traditions and neighborhood parties!

We love filling our home with the smell of fresh flowers and pine trees. We have a nursery and kid’s room ready and waiting for your child.  Jessica’s parents, Papa and Mimi, live 7 minutes away and have a heated pool that is perfect for hot summer days! And Caleb’s parents, Papa and Gigi are only 15 minutes away.

We look forward to providing your child with a solid education and life experiences and supporting them every step of the way! Our kids will attend a Christian school.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide your child with a solid foundation of education that will support them as they follow their passions. We promise to give them wonderful life experiences, unconditional love, comfort, and a lifetime of family adventures. Our home will be a safe haven for your child. A place where they feel encouraged to ask even the hard questions and be themselves. We promise to always talk highly of you and look forward to keeping an open relationship with you through the years.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Caleb & Jessica

  Caleb Jessica
Our EducationHigh School, Marine CorpsSome College
Our ProfessionsProject ManagerStay at home wife / personal investment manager
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Caleb & Jessica's Favorites
What's your favorite food?Chicken AlfredoDefinitely, Tacos!
Favorite Movie?Lord of the Rings SeriesWe Bought a Zoo
What is your favorite outdoor activity?Hunting!Backpacking! It's like a mix of hiking/camping in one!
What's your favorite hobby?MusicGardening
What are two of your personal goals in the next 3 years?Eat healthier, continue working my way up in my jobTo learn a second language and become a financial coach
Where do you hope to travel too in the near future?Alaska!New Zealand!
What's your favorite season?Fall, hunting and cooler weather and then the holiday season startsFall, because it's cooler and the colors are vibrant! I love that it centers around food and fun activities!
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Our other interest would be spending time with our growth groups and learning more about God, His word, reading books about family and finance. We enjoy learning about other peoples interest. We are often entertained by people watching and studying their habits while out and about anywhere. It helps us understand others more and how we can put ourselves in their shoes. Which makes us better managers at work and friends outside of that, and we hope better parents! We love business and learning about all the different businesses in the world! How they operate, what their goals are, what their struggles are, and if we can help or just relate. We love networking, and we feel business is one of our talents God gave us. Like how some are gifted in music or art or something else more naturally. We believe our love for business is so universal that it will benefit our children in any career/education they choose!

Our Faith

We believe that Christ is the Son of God. That he died and rose again for all who accept Him. He is the way, the truth, and the light. We are part of the Body of Christ and we believe that Church was established for the growth of Christians and that disciples are the ones that bring/go to new believers. Every christian is called to be a disciple of Christ.

We show our faith based on works and faith and not just faith alone. We realize we are imperfect, but God's desire to give us grace and life starts from the day you accept Him and not just for when we arrive to heaven. His greatest commandment is to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul; and that's daily. It's not a chore to check off everyday. But a living relationship that needs time and investment. We believe it's He is what life is all about and we can find joy in Him!

We attend Church on Sundays and are dedicated to our growth groups. Community is a large part of our lives!

What are your Hobbies?

Caleb's Hobbies:
Playing Drums
Wrestling the dogs

Jessica's Hobbies:
Studying Finance

What are Our Expectations for Your Child

Honestly, we aren't expecting anything from you child except for love and respect. We realize that as parents they might not like the things we enjoyed doing. They might not play the same sports we did, or even like sports. They might not like the same foods or cooking. And all of that is OK! We want to see who they become and be a part of their journey in discovering who they are! We want them to love their time with family and we want to invest in what they learn to love. Our hope is that they will love learning about God and ultimately we can be apart of leading them to accept Christ. Overall we want to be apart of God's journey for them and be there with wisdom and guidance!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We are open to adopting a new born or siblings up to age 4


Unfortunately, not at this current time


Any gender!

Sibling Group

Yes, up to age 4!

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and getting to know a bit about us! Virginia is truly an amazing home that we are excited to share with your child as we provide them with love, support, and guidance throughout their life. We promise adventures with our family, games, crafts, bedtime stories, and an abundance of love! We look forward to getting to know you and sharing letters, pictures, and visits.

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