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Lifetime Christian Adoption’s nationwide open adoption program serves both those who are thinking of placing their baby for adoption, and for those who dream of adopting a baby. Many Christian couples who have found infertility treatments to be ineffective have decided to adopt in order to build their families. Whether you are pregnant or adopting, Lifetime Christian Adoption’s program is designed for YOU! We have a high standard for adoptions and have been offering successful domestic, open adoption services since 1986. With Lifetime’s committed staff on your side, you can be rest-assured that we’ll build the right Christian adoption for you! We want you to be successful in your adoption. We are one of the few adoption organizations in the U.S. that is a member of the Better Business Bureau.  View our Better Business Bureau report.

If you are facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy, Lifetime Christian Adoption will assist you in finding out more about how Christian open adoption works. You have many choices and rights in making an open adoption plan for your baby. If you have questions about placing your baby for adoption, call or text Lifetime Christian Adoption anytime of the day or night at 1-800-923-6784.

Christian couples interested in adopting can schedule a free, one-on-one adoption consultation. During this adoption consultation, couples can ask questions about how to adopt a baby domestically. We will also discuss what you are looking for in a adopting a baby or child. Please call our office at (727) 493-0933 to schedule your call.