Here is a nice note that I just received from one of our happy adoptive families here at Lifetime Christian Adoption:

“We are truly blessed! At the beginning of our adoption journey, we were very nervous and intimidated with making profiles. Once that was complete, followed by our home study, the wait began.

Once we were matched with our birthmother, we got to go to a prenatal appointment with her and verify everything was fine with the baby. We were able to meet again for lunch to get to know the birthmother and birthfather a little better. Turns out the four of us had a lot in common! What hit home for us is the birthfather stating that we were an answer to their prayers.

Two weeks after our lunch date, we got a call that the birth mother was in labor. We were able to be at the hospital while the birth mom had a c-section. She had already notified the staff of the adoption plan so when they brought him to the nursery we were able to hold him right away, give him his first feeding, change the first diaper, and have our very own room for two and a half days. While in the hospital we were able to visit the birth parents and they held the baby. Both continued to thank us for adopting him and expressed to us how hard this is, but that they knew it was the best thing for the baby. The birth mom also stated that she wanted to see him for some closure.

It has been two months now and Phillip-David is our dream come true. He has brought our family and all those who care about us so much joy! We still talk to the birth parents about two times a month. We can truly say that we have come to love his birth parents and will forever have gratitude in our hearts for the gift they trusted us with.

To every one still waiting: never trust man alone, but always trust God. You never know what He is up to. Thank you Lifetime, for being there through the joys and heartaches. You made this process so much more enjoyable than doing it alone. We are grateful for the time, effort, and dedication that you provide.

With Love,

Jason and Tamara”

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