Lifetime Christian Adoption is currently seeking adoptive families for the following babies:

We are in need of an adoptive family to adopt a Caucasian baby due in July. A well-educated and loving married couple are with whom this birthmother would like to place. A couple who are church-going Christians would be ideal. She hasn’t used any drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol during her pregnancy. Assistance with pregnancy-related medical expenses will be needed.

Another birthmother is due in June and would like to place with a Caucasian married couple who are financially stable. She is hoping to place with a Catholic couple who reside in the continental U.S. She is open to placing with a couple who already have children, so long as they just have one or two children in the home. She did use alcohol and cigarettes prior to finding out about her pregnancy, but has since quit.

Finally, we’re seeking a married couple to adopt a bi-racial baby due in June. The baby will be of mixed Caucasian and African American ethnicities. The birthmother is hoping to place her baby with a loving and financially secure bi-racial married couple. A couple who are Christians would be ideal. She is open to placing with a couple who already have children. She states no drug, cigarette, or alcohol usage during her pregnancy.

With Lifetime Christian Adoption, families are presented to ALL birthmothers who are a match — so you would never be limited to being presented to only one birthmother at a time. Your FIRST STEP to being presented to birthmothers nationwide is to complete your FREE online application. The application is your FIRST STEP to being presented to birthmothers nationwide! Please feel free re-post this adoption opportunity anywhere you can.