Christian adoptionYou want to adopt, you know you want to work with a Christian organization, but how do you know that the organization you are considering shares the same values and beliefs that are key to your Christian faith? This was a concern for me when I was adopting and is something that I am often asked when I speak with hopeful adoptive parents.

In my own adoption journey, I learned very quickly to ask questions, listen to what was said and what wasn’t said, and to really focus on the people I was speaking with each time I called, because they would be the ones who would help me on this journey. Through this focus, I could learn more about the people within the organization and judge if they were in tune with the agency or organization as it marketed itself. For me, a Christian focus was vital and difficult to find over 25 years ago.

Today, there are no shortage of organizations who market themselves as Christian but are the people who handle the day-to-day adoption work true believers in God’s role in adoption? Here are some tips to help you as you explore adoption professionals to help you find the child God has meant for you:

Find the founder or CEO and explore the roots and foundations of the organization. In organizations that are too big, the founder or CEO is completely removed from the organization’s daily operations. The company’s core values may then be generalized simply because of size. The founder or CEO is not meeting employees, sharing the mission and vision, or playing a role in training. This can yield an organization that may have Christian roots and a well-crafted Christian mission statement, but day-to-day operations are handled by employees rather than caring adoption personnel who are passionate about the work they do and inspired by the founder or CEO.

Do not put too much weight on a Christian name. A name that includes a Christian sounding name or a logo that includes a cross is not indicative of Christian values. Companies are bought and sold everyday, and the name or logo can typically be retained. You should ask about the meaning of the name and how it relates to the corporate mission.

Evaluate the clients they are currently working with. Does their client list (waiting adoptive families) reflect values that are similar to yours? This is often a key ingredient to determining a company’s values. Similarly, how they treat clients says a great deal about their caring and compassion.

Ask about if and how they feel that God is involved in your adoption. This should be an easy question to answer, and the answer should resonate with you. Adoption is truly a walk of faith and as Christians, we need to be sure that we are including God as a part of our journey.

Ask! Ask the people you speak with if they are Christian. It’s not enough that the organization is Christian, you need to know if the people you are working with share your Christian faith. This cannot be underestimated when you are including God in your adoption plan.

Because my faith played such a huge part of my own adoption, I found it vital to know who I was working with. I needed them to have faith in my adoption and believe that God too was a part of the journey. I also needed the assurance that my birth mother would be treated with the same kindness and compassion that Jesus showed to those He came in contact with, the women that needed the acceptance and love He provided.

God bless you in your adoption!

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. is a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner and author of six books, including Called To Adoption: The Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call. She is also founder and CEO of Lifetime Christian Adoption. Most importantly, she is an adoptive mother who passionately serves others who are seeking adoption help.