Attend this free adoption webinar to find out how you can adopt in 2012Join us Tuesday, January 10th if you’ve been thinking about adoption but are finding you’re stuck deciding the next best step for you and your future family. This is for anyone who wants this New Year to be THE YEAR they get closer to the child you’re waiting for.

Mark your calendar and REGISTER to attend Lifetime’s FREE Adoption Webinar, Overcoming the Common Barriers to Beginning a Path to Adoption, which will air LIVE next Tuesday.

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Find out how you can move beyond the questions, doubts, fears, or confusion of beginning your adoption. You’ll gain tips and information that will take you toward your successful adoption.

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You may attend by PHONE or ONLINE from a computer, or your Smart Phone. To attend using your iPhone or Droid download a free webinar app. (Please refer to your personal data plan to find out if charges may apply to attend from your cell phone using this app.)

Start 2012 off in a direction that will take you closer to the family you’ve longed for.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how you can begin your adoption:
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